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Founder and CEO of Terminatio. Studied Network Administration & Security at Linux Professional Institute in Munich.

Crypt and Obfusicate your Payloads with OWASP ZSC [TOOL DOWNLOAD + TUTORIAL]

OWASP ZSC is an open source obfuscated code generator tool in Python which lets you generate customized shellcodes and convert scripts to an obfuscated script.     Shellcodes are small codes in Assembly language which could be used as the payload in software exploitation. Other usages are in malware, bypassing antivirus software, obfuscating code for Read more »

You can use this NEW Unpatched Adobe Flash Player Exploit to hack anything !

Another reason to uninstall Adobe Flash Player—a new zero-day Flash Player exploit has reportedly been spotted in the wild by North Korean hackers. South Korea’s Computer Emergency Response Team (KR-CERT) issued an alert Wednesday for a new Flash Player zero-day vulnerability that’s being actively exploited in the wild by North Korean hackers to target Windows users in Read more »

Take Down Any WordPress website with this Unpatched DoS Flaw ! [FULL VIDEO TUTORIAL]

A simple yet serious application-level denial of service (DoS) vulnerability has been discovered in WordPress CMS platform that could allow anyone to take down most WordPress websites even with a single machine—without hitting with a massive amount of bandwidth, as required in network-level DDoS attacks to achieve the same. Since the company has denied patching Read more »

Are you Vulnerable to the latest Maltdown/Specter Bug ? Check it NOW for FREE !

  It has been few weeks since the details of the Spectre, and Meltdown processor vulnerabilities came out in public and researchers have discovered more than 130 malware samples trying to exploit these chip flaws. Spectre and Meltdown are security vulnerabilities disclosed by security researchers earlier this month in many processors from Intel, ARM and AMD Read more »

Delete Photos from Facebook of Other Users

If you think a website whose value is more than $500 billion does not have any vulnerability in it, then you are wrong. Pouya Darabi, an Iranian web developer, discovered and reported a critical yet straightforward vulnerability in Facebook earlier this month that could have allowed anyone to delete any photo from the social media platform. The Read more »