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Hacking Facebook Complete E-Book [FREE DOWNLOAD]

*WARNING: WOLLOWING MATERIALS ARE FOR EDUCATIONAL AND SECURITY PURPOSES *WE DON’T TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOU*   Table of Contents : 1. Facebook Tips & Tricks 1.1 Facebook Tips 1.2. How to find Facebook Number 1.3. How to access Facebook from G mail 1.4. Facebook Emotions codes 1.5. How to download Facebook in your PC…  1.6. Read more »

The Worst 500 Passwords of All Time

From the moment people started using passwords, it didn’t take long to realize how many people picked the very same passwords over and over. Even the way people misspell words is consistent. In fact, people are so predictable that most hackers make use of lists of common passwords just like these. To give you some Read more »

How much costs a DDoS attack service? Let them hack for you in the DeepWeb

The DDoS attacks continue to be a profitable business in the cyber criminal underground. Powering a DDoS attack against an organization is even cheaper, running an attack can cost as little as $7 an hour, while a targeted DDoS against a company can cost up to thousands or millions of dollars. Kaspersky Lab has published Read more »


ONIOFF is basically an Onion URL inspector, it’s a simple tool – written in pure python – for inspecting Deep Web URLs (or onions). It takes specified onion links and returns their current status along with the site’s title.     It’s compatible with Python 2.6 & 2.7. Usage   1 Usage: python {onion} Read more »

Stitch : Stealth and Powerfull Python Remote Administration (RAT) [DOWNLOAD + TUTORIAL]

Stitch is a cross-platform Python Remote Administration Tool, commonly known as a RAT. This framework allows you to build custom payloads for Windows, Mac OSX and Linux as well. You are able to select whether the payload binds to a specific IP and port, listens for a connection on a port, option to send an Read more »